Saturday was a get together of our local Lapidus ( group. As ever it was a nourishing mix of mutual support and inspiration for writing (see also

One of our members', Sue, led us through a number of writing exercises to do with food:
  • favourite food;
  • food we loathe;
  • food and place;
  • food and time;
  • personifying food;
  • describing a character using food metaphors.
She encouraged us to think about gender roles in connection with food. Each exercise brought up some interesting reflections for me and in the group we agreed that writing about food evokes powerful images, memories and emotions.

Here is my personified food:
'I am lain on a plate, flat out, bronzed on either side, syrup running down my thighs. I am sweet, delectable, waiting. You have whipped me, beaten me, tossed me and I lie here expectant of your desires. You garnish me with rubies and jade - tangy raspberries and gooseberries - fold me in creamy silk. You will enjoy the first taste of me, the second and the third, but by the end you will feel gorged and uncomfortable. You will blame me for your unnatural over-indulgence. I should not have lain so openly on a plate.'