It will surprise no-one reading my blog (is there anyone reading it?) that I do not throw myself into celebrating the New Year. The next year is to come, it is as yet a fantasy, perhaps it will not live up to the champagne bottles and grand hurrah.

Better to be thankful for the old year; the friends and relationships, my loving husband, my work, my writing, my passions, which have, once again, made its passing possible. Though I am cognizant, perhaps even forgiving, of the bitter moments, I will not let them flavour the whole of my palette, submerge the sweet tastes of 2008.

Our local paper does a page long interview with local worthies each week and they are always asked what motto they live by. I began musing over what mine might be and it came out as something like:

Live simply. Notice the changing seasons.
Trust your gut. Follow your heart.
Nourish your soul.