Saturday I facilitated my workshop: Healing Words, an introduction to therapeutic creative writing. We were a group of ten, a mix of therapists looking to bring creative writing into their practice and writers working in therapeutic environments. The group was great, hard working, generous and reflective. I certainly enjoyed myself and, from the feedback received, I think everyone went away with something that was useful.

It has made me consider how I might build on this workshop and offer further training. To use a cliché, watch this space...

I, of course, did the writing exercises along with the group and, as always, made my own discoveries. Working with metaphor and emotion I came up with:

Hope is...
the heavy iron triangle,
smooth cool metal,
clanging out into the wilderness.

Strangely, last night I saw Andrew Marr's documentary on Obama "What happened to hope?" (interesting and depressing by turns) and my little stanza seemed even more apt.