A friend of mine said in an email that she was shocked by the sentiment expressed in the poem I posted recently. I couldn't understand what she was on about, until I re-read it and realised how it might be taken, out of context, as it was, posted on my blog. As part of the 'Words in My Head' sequence, hopefully it will be read as a homage to Edith Sitwell's 'Fa├žade'. And for those people who know her story, they will recognise that it is taken from an experience she describes in her autobiography, Taken Care Of.

Though, on reflection, it is indeed shocking that the little girl Edith should be so estranged from her mother as to not understand why other children would cry at the loss of theirs.

I am very excited at the moment as 'Words in My Head' is really beginning to take shape. I heard it in its entirety for the first time last night and my co-conspirator, musician Matt Barnard, has done an amazing job. He has created a rich tapestry of sound that envelops and enhances my poetry which sits at the very heart of it. I don't think my poems have ever sounded so good!

In addition, my lovely Mark has created the pedestal and my sister Ros has dressed the head superbly:

Next week, we are trying it all out in the space it has been designed for, the Sitwell Library, and I am exceptionally excited about that!